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1.     This technology is based on  series of natural Bio-chemical reaction which goes in cookstove where the pellets are forced to produce the producer gas by pryolysis process and then finally this produces gas is mixed well with air to get the smokeless flame. Once charged with pellets to the maximum Stove Will last for approximately 1-2 hours.

1.     Dimension of Bijson Stove: Width-600 mm, Depth-600 mm, Height-555mm.
2.     The outer chamber of the above size is made with 1.2 CRCA sheet duly powder coated with frame also powder coated using 7 tank process.
3.     The inner chamber is also cladded with insulation blanket and fire bricks.
4.     There is an inner wall and outer wall for the community stove.
5.     The burning chamber is robust and is made of grey casted iron.
6.     They gray burning burning chamber and the top lid is anchored to the bottom of the stove.
7.     Slidable and removable type grate will be provided separately in bottom of the burning chamber by using sliding guide way which is welded with partition cover.
8.     All the biomass pellets or wood pellets are filled from the top. A slidable
And openable ash tray cladded with insulation blanket is provided at the slide.
9.     The primary & secondary air draft is given in separate inlet duct and different datum line. The top one is called secondary air inlet and the bottom one is called primary air inlet.
10.            The holes in two rows on the top of burning chamber are provide for the secondary air passage.
11.            Operation instructions of the stove are attached.
12.            The above construction has resulted in low CO emissions, PPM rate & thermal efficiency above 35% as per government approved test laboratory.
13.            Twelve V D.C fans (3” and 3 ”) are operated by controller circuit which has VRLA/SLA battery of 12V, 7.2 Ah for at least 8 to 10 hrs back up after charging. It’s operated by two controllers.
14.            Spring lock levers are used for lock the ash tray and grate plate after proper closing.
15.            The battery can be charged by using 220 volt AC current.

Technical Specification:-
Domestic:-  1 Kg

Commercial:- 3 Kg, 9Kgs & 18 Kg
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