Monday, October 17, 2016


 Bijson as a Manufacturer of Bio Mass Briquettes is proud to be part of this world.  As a Part of our Initiative to Preserve the Environment & Support the Cause of Global Warming, we have ventured into the Business of Renewable  Energy Products. Our main goal is to encourage Industry to use Altern
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ative Green Fuel, there by reducing our dependency on Oil & Coal.  Biomass briquettes popularly known as "Bio Coal” or “white Coal” is a perfect product to replace Coal/ wood in Industrial boilers.
                   Huge Opportunity for Bio Coal has occurred due to many factors like “Rise in price of Coal/ wood”, “need for clean fuel”, “Supply security of fuel”, “need to find alternatives to fossil fuel” & “reducing Green House Gases emissions”. These reasons has peaked interest in “Bio Coal” by many experts around the world and had resulted in actual adoption of Bio Coal in many countries.                    
                      Bio coal from Bijson Bio Fuel is non-conventional source of energy, renewable in nature & yet economical in comparison to most of the other fuels available.


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