Monday, October 24, 2016


1.   We are offering several technologies to produce and enrich biogas, which may be sold directly or used for production of electricity. Bio CNG easily replaces Natural Gas and LPG in many application due to its similar calorific value and lower cost.
Biogas is produced by means of anaerobic digestion of any sort of biomass including non-edible agricultural surplus, agricultural rejects, animal or bird faces, sewage, municipal solid waste, dairy waste, kitchen waste. The biogas that contains methane, carbon-dioxide, hydrogen-sulfide and water, is then purified, separated into biomethane and CO2, and compressed by our highly optimized processes perfected over decades in the industrial gas business.


As a BIPL Tradition and firm belief, we always customize our gas processes, taking into account the size of stream, objective of biogas up gradation, cost benefit analysis and feasibility of up gradation process thus providing you the right balance of innovation and affordability. This philosophy of practical innovation has allowed  us to not only achieve  the lowest operating cost in the industry but also to assure methane losses at less than 1%.  

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