Friday, October 14, 2016



   Technology : Disposal of the used sanitary pads has been a very common problem everywhere. Woman do not like to carry their used sanitary pads to a household bin in front of family and friends. She doesn’t keep it in normal bathroom bin as it leads to embarrassing visuals and smells. Though sometimes she packed it in plastic bag & drops it in dustbin. But the most common way she uses is, flush it into the drain. Both the above ways of disposing sanitary pads creates problems. The flushing in drain results clogging in drain (drainage line chock-ups/plumbing line blocking problems) and throwing in dustbins results in health related problems due to hazardous contents in the used sanitary pad. If it remains on the landfill site or remains in waste water, it may release hazardous microbes & chemical like fungi/fungus, bactericide, fibers, toxins, dioxin & other poisonous substances which may result in serious disease like cancer.
The correct way to destroy the used sanitary pads is “incineration” and converting it into ash, which is very easy with our ‘automatic sanitary pad disposal system’ the unit dispose off used sanitary pads by a scientifically proven way instantly.
Our sanitary pad disposal unit- “SPD-10” is very easy to operate, very compact in size, fully automatic, cuts off after burning, can be mounted in toilets, require less than 10 minutes to burn the used sanitary pad having insulated body & led indication on it. The unit is a machine/furnace which burns the used sanitary pads.


1.     Scientific disposal of used sanitary pad.
2.     Helps in building female confidence.
3.     Easy to operate.
4.     Reduce health hazardous
5.     Wall mountable, can be installed inside the toilet.
6.     No smoke & smell inside
7.     Auto power cut off for safety of users
8.     Low power consumption
9.     Landfill reduction
10.              Helps in reducing pollution and environment friendly

11.              Reduce plastic bag usage

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